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monday 26 dec

barusan aq browse my rate mybaby pics n got a new message from erlin, thank u 4 being my friend...nice to talk with her!
kmrn aq n pa2 nengok davin dihermina dia diopname sjk saptu...kecian ya...tp kondisinya udah mendingan koq (thanks god) sorenya heard a bad news from nta that her car rusak abis krn ketimpa parabola BCA...ya Allah mudah2an ada hikmah dibalik smuanya ini.
farrel kmrn ditinggal dirumah with tini...sorry honey...kmrn ma2 pergi krn ada urusan penting..klo gak penting ma2 prefer stayed at home with u

mis my baby nih....

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7 komentar:

erlinev said...

Hi, I just got your website and I was surprised, because you included my name, too..thank you very very much...it's really nice to see your own web ;-)

Give my big hug to your lil handsome boy for me, okay ?

Take care and have a good day.

Best regards,
Erlin Evans

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